Eva’s Favorite Product Lines


Eva Claiborne is pleased to announce the availability of her signature brand of exceptional skincare products called “Évike”. The collection will begin to feature about five offerings in each of the product lines targeted to different skincare needs, primarily for the face:

  • Sensitive / Rosacea Skin and Gentleman’s line to cool the warm, red, irritated skin
  • Dry, Mature Skin to rejuvenate face and eyes area and repair the sun-damage
  • Skin Brightening to correct discoloration
  • Anti-aging, Hydrating line for all skin types
  • Oily / Acne Skin for both adults and teens

Manufactured to the highest quality standards in a dermatological laboratory, the collection reflects Eva’s approach to skincare, beauty and wellness. Created to be good for the skin and for the planet, the plant-based products are eco-friendly, containing exotic natural and botanical ingredients, essential oil fragrances, earth-derived minerals and combined with high technology. Each product is made in small batches utilizing the purest methods possible – employing highly effective, fair-trade ingredients; clean energy sources; distilled extractions; and recyclable packaging.

Eva has a long history with the lab and its products. She began working with them to create skincare products 12 years ago, helping with their product development and testing.  As a result, Eva is very familiar with the range of offerings, the high quality and their performance. Delighted to introduce her signature line, Eva says the Évike Collection, available through the Eva Claiborne beauty & wellness boutique spa and other locations, are exceptional products with beautiful results her clients are sure to notice and appreciate. The Évike collection is pure, but powerful – and like all of Eva’s offerings, designed to bring out the radiance within.


Mineral Cosmetology™

At the core of Omorovicza skincare is one of the world’s most powerful health and beauty forces: Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters, from over 1,000 hot springs in the Carpathian basin. These waters offer healing benefits that have been prized for over 2,000 years.  Today, medical practitioners prescribe bathing in Hungary’s healing thermal waters to treat numerous ailments. Omorovicza Cosmetics, based in Hungary and available in select spas around the world, uses this mineral rich water as a base for all of their products.

Omorovicza products feature a patented mineral delivery system that was developed in collaboration with a Nobel prize-winning laboratory. Called Mineral Cosmetology™, this delivery system enables a potent blend of minerals to be absorbed by the epidermis and dermis. Key anti-aging benefits include enhanced synthesis of dermo-proteins (collagen and elastin), a tighter lipid matrix to lock in vital moisture, greater anti-oxidant defense against free radicals, and the gradual healing of micro-damage to provide a stronger barrier. Working both on the surface of the skin and deep within, the Mineral Cosmetology™ system helps skin becomes softer, smoother and more supple.

With a focus on pure ingredients, Omorovicza Cosmetics avoids certain synthetic elements commonly found in high-performance skincare. These include parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and sodium laureth sulfates plus synthetic colors and fragrances. However, Omorovicza refuses to compromise on efficacy. Instead, high-performance, naturally derived alternatives are used to ensure that the Omorovicza experience dramatically improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

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