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I recently stopped in at Eva’s for a facial, and the service was fantastic as always. I have extremely sensitive skin, and Eva always seems to know just what to do to treat it. More importantly, she has the right products that keep me from being blotchy and red. I also had a relaxing massage, which Eva performed very skillfully. Not too much pressure, and she asked me where she should target. I walked out feeling great, and looking good.

I also had a relaxing massage, which Eva performed very skillfully. Not too much pressure, and she asked me where she should target. I walked out feeling great, and looking good. Thank you, Eva!



Excellent personal service! I really felt like I was glowing inside and out after a body wrap and facial.  Eva’s experience shows. She takes the time to talk with you, find out your needs and your past experiences. You feel that she is really focusing on you and your body, not just waiting for the next costumer.  I really felt that I was the special client of the day.

Rosalind S. 


I had the most amazing facial from Eva! First you walk into her beautiful salon, and the aroma is just so fresh and relaxing. She has it set up so professional and clean. My facial was amazing and she was gentle, knowledgeable, thorough and all around great. I recommend her to everyone.

Susan G.

When Eva arrived in the U.S. in 1989 she developed her own unique style of skin care. Eva has studied bodywork therapies around the globe and brings her experience and expertise to these signature body treatments. One of Eva’s other specialties is the Lymphatic wellness treatment. It combines aromatherapy and slow wave motions that detoxify the body and boost the immune system while balancing the chakras with seashells.

50 minutes   $185

This relaxing, soothing and healing massage uses aromatherapy oils and slow strokes to boost circulation in the lymphatic system, helping to remove toxins and excess water from the body. The absorption of essential oils enhances well-being at the physical level and brings harmony to the mind.

90 minutes   $225

Eva developed this signature body therapy based on lymphatic wellness treatment several years ago. It uses aromatherapy oils and seashells to massage with a slow, wave motion that detoxifies and deeply relaxes the body, while the Chakras are balanced with seashells. This treatment helps release physical and nerve tension to give maximum relaxation to body and mind.         



Eva believes that true beauty comes from the inside and is enhanced by a healthy lifestyle. Just as important as facials, body treatments are needed to detoxify the system, giving the body balance, hydration and a sense of well-being.

90 minutes   $225

More than an ordinary body wrap, this body experience begins with an invigorating combination of body brushing and a sea salt exfoliation. Mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud is then applied to the entire body to detoxify, rebalance and provide the skin with essential nutrients. While you are cocooned in this mineralizing wrap, a unique scalp massage relieves stress. To finish, a volcanic stone massage adds a soothing touch.

60 minutes   $185

This detoxifying body treatment is designed for specific areas of the body such as legs, hips, thighs, upper arms and abdomen. The treatment begins with an enzymatic exfoliation, followed by a specially formulated serum and body wrap. It helps eliminate the most stubborn cellulite and improves circulation by raising the body temperature in a sauna-like effect. A series of treatments is recommended.

75 minutes   $200

Beyond its dazzle, gold also is a precious metal with proven anti-inflammatory properties. It helps heal life’s daily micro-damages and revitalizes the skin. Using 24-carat colloidal gold, this treatment features an invigorating exfoliation with a golden sugar scrub. Then comes a soothing body wrap with fragrant oil, enriched with gold particles. Guaranteed to leave the body soothed, hydrated and rejuvenated.

30 minutes   $95

Pamper your feet with this ancient healing treatment, beginning with an invigorating exfoliation using sea salt and mineral-rich Hungarian thermal mud to scrub the feet. Feet are then enveloped in a softening and detoxifying mask, while tension is melted away with a soothing neck and shoulder massage. This treatment concludes with a reflexology session.

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