Advanced Training for Spa Professionals

Eva has not only been my teacher but an amazing mentor to me for 15 years. When I decided to become an esthetician she was my biggest support and encouragement. After graduating, Eva trained me on all aesthetic techniques. The best part is that I can always go to her with questions about new modalities and techniques as well as practice them because she is up-to-date with the latest treatments. With her 35 years of experience, she is my go to skincare resource.

Alexandra S.


The Eva Claiborne Institute offers a limited number of internships to qualified estheticians who are looking to jumpstart their careers in the spa industry. Three or six month programs are available; each requires a written as well as oral examinations. The Internship Program allows you to work closely with highly experienced professionals in a “real world” setting. You will learn in weeks what it may take others years to discover. You will see first-hand how successful spa operators efficiently organize their time, build and expand a loyal base of clientele, and promote retail sales. You will also learn the key “do’s” and “don’ts” of successful spa management, importance of dress and demeanor, the rules of “spa etiquette”, how to motivate and retain staff, how to deal gracefully with “problem” situations, and how to establish and maintain the highest standards of quality and service in your spa. Licensed estheticians interested in this program are invited to submit a written application to the Skin Institute stating their qualifications for the Internship Program.

Professional Esthetician Internship – Program 1

The Eva Claiborne Institute selects a limited number of qualified aesthetic professionals for enrollment in this intensive career development program. Students will learn techniques that are now essential for succeeding in the competitive and fast evolving aesthetics industry. The Eva Claiborne Institute Aesthetics Internship will teach students skills that would otherwise require years to discover and master.

Benefits of the Aesthetics Internship Program

As the aesthetics and spa industry evolves, skincare professionals need to keep pace with the changing demands and techniques. The better prepared one is when seeking an estheticians position, the greater the chances of finding their dream job. The Eva Claiborne Institute recognizes the value of providing aesthetics professionals the education they need to confidently seek employment in the most respected spa and salon operations. For those already employed in the aesthetics field, the Eva Claiborne Institute Internship experience will help them recognize opportunities and methods to boost their career.

Professional Esthetician Internship – Program 1

12 weeks, 3 days per week, 3 hours per evening

Instruction includes theory, hands-on practice, reading assignments and testing. Students may be asked to assist in providing models for certain aspects of practical course work.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Current, valid esthetician license.
  • Basic understanding of skin anatomy, cosmetic chemistry, and treatment terminology.
  • Ability to complete the program hours without interruption.
  • Openness to learning new professional methods and the ability to keep up with the program and content.

Graduate Requirements

  • Successful completion of all required training hours as specified in the Eva Claiborne Institute Esthetician Internship curriculum.
  • Payment in full for all Eva Claiborne Institute tuition and materials prior to program completion date.
  • Diligent attendance, promptness, and dedication to the Eva Claiborne Institute program. Respect and good conduct toward Eva Claiborne Institute educators, students, and clients participating in the program.

12-Week Overview

  • Week 1 – Orientation and Career Planning
  • Week 2 – Analyzing the Skin and Prescribing Treatments
  • Week 3 – Corrective Facial Treatments for Aging, Dehydrated and Sundamaed Skin
  • Week 4 – Skin Brightening Corrective Treatments
  • Week 5 & 6 – Understanding the Acne Condition and Corrective Facial Therapies
  • Week 7 & 8 – Stress-reducing Facial Therapies and the Mind Body Approach, Sensitive Skin
  • Week 9 – Mastering Skin Exfoliation Techniques
  • Week 10 – Understanding the Client and winning their loyalty
  • Week 11 – Product Sales
  • Week 12 – Examination

* For a more in depth course schedule please contact us.

* Instruction may also change depending on students’ skill level

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