Advanced Training for Spa Professionals

Eva really does have the magic touch. Our entire family has been seeing her for five years, she knows exactly how to handle all of our individual skincare needs and she continues to impress us with her knowledge and her kindness. What we appreciate most about Eva is that she is not only a consummate professional, but she’s always looking for and studying new treatments and techniques in skin care. She truly cares about making sure she offers the best, newest and most state of the art science and technology to ensure the finest possible skin care for her clients. I had a small scar on the side of my nose for many years, and Eva introduced to me a new treatment that helped eliminate the pigmentation so now it is almost unnoticeable, after only one simple treatment. We all highly recommend her.




Learn first-hand from a Hungarian trained esthetician with over thirty-five years of experience. Eva will show you the hands-on techniques used in the great Hungarian spas. You will learn the importance of massage techniques in skin care treatment as well as the role that massage plays in contributing to the client’s sense of well-being. Eva’s clients rave about her massage—discover why!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage has become widely accepted as an effective therapeutic treatment to reduce edema, to stimulate the immune system and enhance cellular activity. In facial treatments, drainage can significantly reduce puffiness, speed the removal of toxins, and improve skin tone. In this intensive two-day course we will cover: the structure and functions of the lymphatic system, health and contra-indications, and the key movements and massage techniques for the face and neck area. Instruction includes extensive “hands on” practice and individual critique.


You will learn the signature body therapy developed by Eva. The treatment uses aromatherapy oils and slow, wave motion to detoxify and deep-relax the body while balancing the chakras with seashells. It aids in releasing physical and nerve tension to give maximum relaxation for the body and the mind. This technique has been taught internationally and has been widely received.


Accurate analysis of the client’s skin type and condition is crucial to proper treatment. This course will show you how to quickly and confidently identify skin types and recommend the correct facial treatment program for each skin condition. Recommended for all estheticians, especially for those with less than three years experience. The one-day class covers theory and application. The two-day class includes extensive hands-on training.


Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Aging is one of the hottest topics in skin-care today. This intensive program will focus on the major causes of aging, including physiological factors, environmental conditions and health issues. The course will discuss and demonstrate four principal treatments for aging:

  • Anti-aging therapy and eye treatment
  • Latest program for fine lines and wrinkles
  • “Cosmetic lifting” programs

We will also cover how clients can combat aging through proper in-home care and adjustments in lifestyle. Courses may include guest lectures by dermatologists or plastic surgeons that specialize in the treatment of aging. This course is a must for estheticians, whether experienced or just starting out.

Rosacea Therapy

Sensitive, irritated and allergic skin represents one of the greatest challenges for the esthetician. This intensive, hands-on training program will demonstrate how to recognize sensitive skin and show you the best techniques for safely and effectively treating this common skin condition.

Corrective Acne and Oily Skin Program

This course examines the routine causes of oily and acne conditions. You will learn how to effectively cleanse, balance, and purify the skin. We will also demonstrate a gentle and effective exfoliation procedure and a special massage technique particularly suited to treatment of this condition.

Solutions for Stressed Skin

One of the most common problems we all face is stress. This course examines the sources of stress, its impact on the skin, and effective treatments for relief, including oxygenating therapies. Learn how to help your clients overcome stress and achieve greater balance!


A true spa experience connects the mind with the body through effective spa treatments. We will show you the classic spa treatments, including: body exfoliation, deep relaxing-detoxifying, firming and shaping, algae wrap, mud therapy, aromachology, and heavy leg treatments. This is a must for spa professionals!

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